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Christmas and New Year waste and recycling collection

19 December 2022
Christmas cards
Christmas cards

Our recycling, food waste and refuse services will continue to run over the Christmas period but collection days will change for some households.

From Monday 26 December 2022, collections will be a day later than scheduled.

Normal collection date New collection date
Monday 26 December Tuesday 27 December
Tuesday 27 December Wednesday 28 December
Wednesday 28 December Thursday 29 December
Thursday 29 December Friday 30 December
Friday 30 December Saturday 31 December

All recycling, food waste and refuse collections will return to normal from Monday 2 January 2023. You should make sure recycling, food waste and refuse are made available at 7:30am on the correct collection day and placed on the kerbside at the front of your property.

IF you have a real Christmas tree, you can support Saint Francis Hospice as well as recycling the tree in the New Year. For a voluntary donation, volunteers for the hospice will collect and recycle your Christmas tree between Friday 6 and Monday 9 January 2023. You will need to register the collection before 8am on Tuesday 3 January 2023. Last year, the Hospice raised more than £16,000 through generous donations for this service, so you can really make a difference. For more information and to register your tree, visit Saint Francis Hospice.

You can also put your Christmas trees out to be collected with your normal garden waste.

For more information about waste and recycling collections visit waste and recycling collection day or call 01277 312500.

In the case of severe weather conditions, some services may be disrupted. Check our website for details of any service changes.