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Background information

Dunton Hills Garden Village is a new settlement proposed in Brentwood Borough that will help to meet the needs of our growing population. The proposal will be self-sustaining; providing up to 4,000 homes, new schools, job opportunities, health and community facilities and new public spaces. Dunton Hills Garden Village will become one of the boroughs many villages that make up the unique character of Brentwood.

The site-specific planning guidance which includes the draft Supplementary Planning Document and draft Framework Masterplan have been prepared and we will be seeking your feedback later this year. 

The guidance takes into consideration the policy requirements set out in the draft Brentwood Local Development Plan, technical constraints and opportunities, and feedback received from date from stakeholders and community members. The summary of feedback received through the co-design consultation undertaken between May-August 2020 is set out in the consultation summary report. The things you told us in the consultation helped to shape how the guidance is prepared, and we hope that you will be able to see how your input has made a difference to the guidance. 

The guidance is important as it will inform and shape how we how development comes forward at Dunton Hills in the future. 

A Vision For Our Community

“Dunton Hills Garden Village is a new settlement in a borough of villages. It is a place where people’s lives are shaped through understanding the value and protection of the local natural environments. Education and community facilities and amenities are central and well-integrated, creating a place that becomes a blueprint for healthy and sustainable living.”