Variation and transfer of premises licence

Variation of premises licence

Apply and pay online for a variation of a premises licence or minor variation of a premises licence:

Apply for a variation of a premises licence

Apply for a minor variation of a premises licence

Download the following documents to help with your application:

Variation of premises licence to specify an individual as designated premises supervisor

Apply and pay online for a variation of premises licence to specify an individual as designated premises supervisor:

Apply to specify a designated premises supervisor

Apply for consent of designated premises supervisor

Transfer of Premises Licence

Apply and pay online to Transfer a Premises Licence:

Apply for transfer of premises licence

Apply for licence holder's consent

Make a change to a licence

Duty to notify of change of name or address of licence holder or Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS)

You must notify the Licensing Authority of any change of address, name or any convictions for relevant or foreign offences.

If you need to notify us of any changes to your premises licence please complete the appropriate online form below.

The holder of a premises licence must, as soon as is reasonably practicable, use this form to notify us if they or the DPS have changed their name or address.

Please note: this is to be used only in circumstances where it is the same person or company but with a different name (eg, their name has changed by marriage). If a new person or company has taken on responsibility for the licence, then an application to transfer a premises licence is required:

Apply to transfer a premises licence

The DPS must also notify us of any change in their name or address. Notification must also be given to the premises licence holder by the DPS.

Notify of a change in name or address of a designated premises supervisor

Notify of a change in name or address of a premises licence holder

Notification of an interest in premises

Complete the application to register your interest in a premises that is subject to a premises licence not held by you. 

Before completing this form, read the guidance notes at the end of the form and remember to keep a copy of the completed form for your records. The application fee is £21.

Apply for a Notice of Interest in Premises

Making an application for a club premises certificate

Club Premises Certificates

Special rules apply under the Licensing Act 2003 for 'qualifying clubs' and in some cases it may be more appropriate for application to be made for a premises licence. 

New Club Premises Certificate

Apply and pay online for a Club Premises Certificate:

Apply for a club premises certificate

Complete a club premises declaration

Download the following documents to assist in your application:

Public Notice (new application) (PDF)

Useful information:

Making a complaint and reviews

Making a complaint

You can contact the licensing team if have a complaint about a licence.

You will need to provide:

  • your name and contact phone number
  • details of the premises you wish to complain about
  • details of what your complaint or problem is

All complaints are dealt with in the strictest confidence and your details will not be released, but are required for us to contact you for further details.

To make a complaint, email

Review of a licence

At any stage, following the grant of a licence, you may ask us to review the licence because of a matter arising at the premises in connection with any of the 4 licensing objectives which are:

  • the prevention of crime and disorder
  • public safety
  • the prevention of public nuisance
  • the protection of children from harm

Making and application for review

Apply for the review of a premises licence or club premises certificate

When you submit your online form you will receive a copy of your application by email. It's your responsibility to provide a copy to the licence holder or certificate holder. The Licensing Authority will give a copy to each Responsible Authority

Applications under consultation



PREMISES: o/s Wimpy, 29 High Street, Brentwood CM14 4RG

Notice is given that Mr Bhopinder Singh Gill has applied for a pavement licence and is seeking to place:

4 tables, 8 chairs and 2 barriers in area approx. 4m x 2m

Monday to Sunday 0900hrs to 2000hrs

To make representations in response to this application, you must give notice in writing to:

The Licensing Department
Brentwood Borough Council Town Hall
Ingrave Road
CM15 8AY

Or by emailing

Representations must be received within the consultation period which ends at midnight on 28 April 2022.

To view this application, email .

Reference: 22/00052/PP

This notice is dated 1 April 2022.

Making a representation (objection)

How will I know that an application has been made?

There will be a pale blue notice displayed prominently on the exterior of the premises and a notice will be published in one edition of a local newspaper.

Details of applications can be viewed online using Public Access.

 View applications on Public Access

What do I need to do if I wish to make representation?

You can email with the following details:

  • your name and address
  • the name and address of the premises about which you are making representation
  • the licensing objective(s) that you think will not be met if the application is granted
  • the reason(s) for your view and any evidence in support
  • your daytime telephone number so that Council Officers can discuss the matter with you if necessary

The date by which your representation must be received will be given in the notices and on the website. If your representation is received after this date it cannot be considered.

You should be aware that the applicant will normally be given a copy of all representations received. 

The Licensing Act 2003 encourages discussion between applicants and objectors to try to resolve issues of concern.

What happens if I make a representation?

The Licensing Authority will check that your representation can be accepted under the Licensing Act 2003. If it cannot, you will be notified of the reason why. For instance, your objection may not relate to the licensing objectives, it may be frivolous, repetitious or vexatious.

If it's not possible to resolve the matter between the applicant and those raising relevant representations, the Licensing Authority will call a hearing of the licensing sub-committee to determine the application.

Notice of the hearing will be given and those raising relevant representations will be invited to attend and address the sub-committee. Those attending may be asked questions. If you choose not to attend the hearing, the sub-committee will consider your written representation.

The councillors on the sub-committee will weigh up the information presented to them at the hearing and will make a decision as to whether the application should be granted and, if so, whether any additional conditions need to be attached to the licence.