A change of address and/or a change in your circumstances can affect the amount of council tax you pay or your entitlement to council tax support.

It is important you tell us about any changes in your circumstances that could affect your council tax liability, even if you have already told staff working in other departments such as The Department of Work and Pensions.

Some examples of a change of circumstances that would affect your liability, are as follows:

  • If you move address,
  • If you believe that you are entitled to a discount or exemption,
  • If you believe that you are no longer entitled to a discount or exemption,
  • If the Valuation Office Agency amends the band of your property,
  • If your property changes from empty to occupied or vice versa.

Report a council tax change of circumstance

Please complete the online form below:

When you tell us about a change in your circumstances we will recalculate your liability and issue an amended bill.

If you are moving in/ out of the Brentwood Borough, you can complete the online Change of Address form.

If you are a landlord reporting a change of tenant please complete the online Change of Tenant form.

Late notification of a change of circumstances

If you fail, without reasonable excuse, to notify the Council of a relevant change of circumstances, within 21 days of the change occurring, the Council will impose a penalty of at least £70.

The penalty notice will be issued as part of a revised council tax demand. A new bill displaying the penalty will be issued.

If you feel the decision is incorrect you should contact the Revenues and Benefits Service to explain why you think that the decision is wrong.

If you wish to appeal against the penalty being levied, you must contact the Valuation Tribunal within two months of receiving the revised bill. You must include a copy of the notice with the bill. For the Valuation Tribunal to change their decision they must be presented with sufficient evidence to prove:

  • That you supplied the information on time and / or
  • That any information requested was not available to you

Should you become entitled to a refund

If a change in your circumstances results in an overpayment of council tax, you may be entitled to a council tax refund. We will send you a bill detailing your credit and refund you either automatically to your bank, if you are paying by direct debit or by cheque, on request, if you pay by any other method.