Customers will start to receive payments from 28 April 2022. 

We will not be calling you to ask you for bank details. Do not provide your bank details to anyone claiming to be from us or one of our partner councils.

The Government has announced £150 payment to help with rising energy costs.

On 3 February 2022, the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced two schemes to help with rising energy bills:

  • a one-off payment of £150 to households in Council Tax Bands A to D, who are not exempt from Council Tax
  • a Discretionary Rebate scheme for those who need help with their energy bills but are not eligible for the one-off payment

Only one £150 payment will be made per household, regardless of the number of occupants or liable Council Tax payers and is not a reduction off your Council Tax bill.


To be eligible, the property must:

  • be in Council Tax bands A to D on the 1 April 2022. This includes property that is valued in band E but has an alternative valuation band of band D, because of the disabled band reduction scheme
  • be someone's sole or main residence
  • be a chargeable dwelling
  • or be in exemption classes:
    • N (occupied solely by full time students)
    • S (occupied by people under the age of 18)
    • U (occupied by someone who is severely mentally impaired)
    • W (annexes occupied by dependant relative)

The person liable for paying the Council Tax must not be a local authority, a corporate body or other body such as a housing association, the Government or Governmental body.

A property that meets all the criteria but has a nil Council Tax liability because of local Council Tax support or reduction, will be eligible. Second homes and empty properties will not be eligible.

Check your Council Tax band by visiting GOV.UK.

When will I receive this payment?

If you already pay your Council Tax by Direct Debit, you don’t need to do anything, the payment will be credited to your account. The payment will usually be made to the bank account from which the Direct Debit is taken.

Customers will start to receive payments from 28 April 2022.

If you are an eligible household but don’t pay your Council Tax by Direct Debit, the quickest and most convenient way to receive the payment is by setting up a Direct Debit to pay your Council Tax.

Sign up for Direct Debit

For those who don’t pay by Direct Debit, you can apply for the rebate using the online form

Apply for the tax rebate

I don’t qualify for the £150. Can I still get help?

We are designing a Discretionary Scheme which will be added to this page when it is ready, once the criteria and application process has been agreed.

The payment will not be used to offset what you owe in Council Tax. The payment will be paid straight into your bank account.

You must continue to pay your Council Tax bill as per the instalments and dates shown on your bill. If you're struggling to pay, you should contact us.

View the Government tax rebate flyer (PDF).

We will update this page as and when we receive more information.

Fraud awareness

The Government has asked Councils to undertake assurance processes to prevent incorrect payments and minimise the risk of fraud.

These steps will include either:

  • deferring the rebate grant payment until after the first direct debit payment for council tax in 2022-23 has been taken
  • asking tax payers to self-certify that they meet the eligibility criteria

The Government will not tolerate any council tax payer falsifying their records or providing false evidence to gain access to the Council Tax rebate grant or the Discretionary fund.

A council tax payer who provides false information or makes false representation in order to benefit may be guilty of fraud under the Fraud Act 2006.