County council elections

Elections to Essex County Council were held on 6 May 2021, alongside the Brentwood Borough Council elections postponed from 2020. There are four County Council divisions in the Brentwood area, each with one seat:

  • Brentwood Hutton
  • Brentwood North
  • Brentwood Rural
  • Brentwood South

The next Essex County Council elections are scheduled to be held in 2025.

2021 county council election results

Essex County Council election results - Brentwood division May 6 2021
County Division Name of Candidate Description Number of Votes Elected
Brentwood Hutton Amanda H Burton Independent 557 -
  Louise J McKinlay The Conservative Party candidate 3248 Elected
  Philip C Mynott Liberal Democrats 546 -
  Liam B Preston Labour Party 563 -
  Juliette Rey Green Party candidate 275 -
Brentwood North Division Barry R Aspinell Liberal Democrats 2552 Elected
  Kelda R Boothroyd Green Party candidate 374 -
  Jon Cloke The Conservative Party candidate 1851 -
  Deborah Lynn Foster Labour Party 459 -
  William O Hughes Reform UK 111 -
Brentwood Rural Division Cameron F Ball Labour Party 401 -
  Paul F Jeater Green Party candidate 410 -
  Darryl M Sankey Liberal Democrats 1189 -
  Lesley A Wagland The Conservative Party candidate 3680 Elected
Brentwood South Division Dave Conway Reform UK 130 -
  John M Hamilton Green Party candidate 332 -
  David J Kendall Liberal Democrats 1878 -
  Susan M Kortlandt Labour Party 965 -
  Andy Wiles The Conservative Party candidate 2031 Elected


View the Brentwood division results 2021 (PDF) or to view all the Election division results, visit Essex County Council.