2021 county council elections

Electors who are eligible to vote at a particular election or referendum will receive a polling card shortly before polling day, telling them where to vote. There are special arrangements for people who cannot get to a polling station to apply for a proxy or postal vote. Further details can be found in the section on postal and proxy voting.

2021 election

Elections to Essex County Council were held on 6th May 2021, alongside the Brentwood Borough Council elections postponed from 2020. There are four County Council divisions in the Brentwood area:

  • Brentwood Hutton
  • Brentwood North
  • Brentwood Rural
  • Brentwood South

2021 county council election results

Essex County Council Results 2021 pdf 

View all results for Essex County Council May 6 2021

Essex County Council election results - Brentwood division May 6 2021
County Division Name of Candidate Description Number of Votes Elected
Brentwood Hutton Amanda H Burton Independent 557 -
  Louise J McKinlay The Conservative Party candidate 3248 Elected
  Philip C Mynott Liberal Democrats 546 -
  Liam B Preston Labour Party 563 -
  Juliette Rey Green Party candidate 275 -
Brentwood North Division Barry R Aspinell Liberal Democrats 2552 Elected
  Kelda R Boothroyd Green Party candidate 374 -
  Jon Cloke The Conservative Party candidate 1851 -
  Deborah Lynn Foster Labour Party 459 -
  William O Hughes Reform UK 111 -
Brentwood Rural Division Cameron F Ball Labour Party 401 -
  Paul F Jeater Green Party candidate 410 -
  Darryl M Sankey Liberal Democrats 1189 -
  Lesley A Wagland The Conservative Party candidate 3680 Elected
Brentwood South Division Dave Conway Reform UK 130 -
  John M Hamilton Green Party candidate 332 -
  David J Kendall Liberal Democrats 1878 -
  Susan M Kortlandt Labour Party 965 -
  Andy Wiles The Conservative Party candidate 2031 Elected