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Press Release

Recycle clothing hits Brentwood High Street

Date: 24 January 2018

Brentwood recycles clothes to help save 1.5 million

Friday January 26 will see Brentwood residents help save 1.5m which is the annual cost of binned clothing across Essex.

It’s estimated half of the clothes that get binned could in fact be reused or recycled and Brentwood residents have the chance to use either the recycle clothing bins at the depot or to take part in the recycle clothing kerbside collection.

Every household in the county throws away the equivalent of 36 woolly jumpers each year and to illustrate the point Recycle for Essex is temporarily putting piles of old clothes in Brentwood High Street to highlight to passers-by how much is going to waste. It’s worth taking a look as there is the chance to enter a free draw too.

Community, Health and Housing Committee Chair Cllr Chris Hossack, said “Brentwood has a collection point at the depot where clothes can be dropped off and are recycled for charity together with the kerbside collections. There are also plenty of charity shops that will happily take good quality items and of course craft clubs and schools often reuse materials, beading and buttons. We hope that people will take the time to check out the roadshow in the High Street to learn all sorts of ways clothing can be reused and there is the chance to go into a draw for a Red Letter Day experience so it’s a win win for everyone.”

Textiles are either reused or made into new material and used in everything from cloth wipes for industry to felt and yarn. Items that are reused can be sent to suppliers in other countries, creating jobs for warehouse staff, haulage companies and stall holders.

The Recycle for Essex roadshow at Brentwood High Street will have plenty of advice on innovative ways to recycle and Brentwood Borough Council staff will be on hand to help explain all the options for residents to recycle just about everything

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