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Press Release

Date: 14 September 2017

BBC Woman’s Hour "The Best Places in Britain for Women" report has put Brentwood No 1 across Britain for women’s income at:

** 19.85 per hour versus 9.25 per hour in Sedgemoor (rated the worst)

Even more importantly Brentwood is No 1 for gender pay EQUALITY :

** Brentwood gender pay gap is 1% versus 48% in Sedgemoor

Brentwood Borough Council Leader, Cllr Louise McKinlay said:  “I’m thrilled to see Brentwood leading Great Britain on women’s pay but to be top in terms of closing the Gender Pay Gap is incredibly significant. Brentwood’s 1% pay gap is now the game changer for all other areas across the country and put the borough at the top of the national debate on these two major issues.

The impact is huge for women, but also for society overall. We need women to be equalized to create balanced and sustainable households, workforces, entrepreneurialship and families. Brentwood has always been a much sought after location for commuters, schools, and business and this news has not only recognized this but put Brentwood at the front of the national agenda for women.

Just 17% of council leaders in the UK are women, and I am proud to be one of this minority particularly in such a great place as Brentwood. There is much work to do for women still, but we are already making inroads.”

Louise McKinlay is also Cabinet Member for Resources for Essex County Council and can therefore widen the perspective from Brentwood across the county (see figures on related Essex Boroughs below). As a working mother of two boys aged under 5, she took part in the Fawcett Society report into the lack of women in politics and how to address this last year.

Brentwood’s new status will be celebrated at the Brentwood Business Showcase at Brentwood School on November 1 where Google and Microsoft are leading speakers.


The Best:

** Uttlesford - 36 out of 380 local authorities so in the top 10% in the country with Maldon 39th

** Brentwood - 112th in the ranking

** Rochford - 158th in the ranking

** Southend - 216th and Basildon 227th

** Thurrock came 320 out of 380 local authorities - 2nd worst in Essex

** Tendring ranked 342 - the worse local authority in Essex

** Castle Point ranked 315 - the third worst

income is calculated as the full time hourly gross income rate for women in Brentwood

Gender pay gap is the ratio of men's to women's median income

Data used for this report comes from the ONS and the 2011 census

Brentwood ranked 112th out of 380 local authorities in the country and 5th in Essex

Media Contact: Lorne Spicer

Tel: 01277 312630