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Press Release

Date: 25 August 2017

The August Bank Holiday weekend is traditionally the biggest and busiest for bootsales and a final clear out before the children go back to school.

Brentwood Borough Council collects around 60 tonnes of textiles every year. Thanks to agreements with textile recycle companies and the British Heart Foundation, most of this material is reused, recycled and repurposed.

A New textile bank at the council’s Warley Depot mean residents can take their unwanted clothing to the site knowing it will be recycled and help cut down the cost and waste to the environment. In addition, blue bags can be used and left outside your property on the morning of your collection from where they will be picked up by Essex Textiles in its easily identifiable van.

However, if you fancy a clear out to cash in on unwanted clothing first, try Dunton Car Boot, Barleylands or Boreham Boot Sale which are the nearest for residents.

For the best chance of selling unwanted clothing:

  1. Make sure all items are washed and ironed
  2. Fold childrens clothes and sort into age groups
  3. Hang adult clothes on a small hanging rail
  4. Put trainers on a trainer wash in the washing machine to clean them up
  5. If you still have the original boxes for shoes use them – people pay more for items that come in their original boxes
  6. Check pockets to make sure no credit card receipts or cash has been left behind
  7. Take a basic 12 decorating table and a large blanket for the ground on which to display items
  8. Make sure you have plenty of loose change for buyers
  9. Be prepared to “do a deal” if someone buys more than one item
  10. Separate “designer” clothing from average high street items as you will get more money for top brand names
  11. Sports clothing can be separated out and can make good money as its so expensive to buy new
  12. Woolen and knitted items can be “undone” by buyers and the wool reused
  13. Take all unsold clothing back home, pack it up in the blue Brentwood Borough Council bags and take it to the depot where new textile recycling bins are ready to take the remainder of your unwanted clothing onto a new life!

Chair of the Environment and Enforcement Committee, Cllr Keith Parker said: “We installed new recycling bins at the depot this year from which our contractors pick up the materials and recycle. We ask that our residents use these recycle banks responsibly of course and do not dump damp or soiled textiles here. The Bank Holiday weekend is an ideal time to have a clear out, before the children go back to school and make a bit of extra cash in the process. Alternatively, many charity shops will appreciate the donations of the better quality items. There are plenty of options available to dispose of textiles responsibly including collection from right outside your home – so now is an ideal time to do so.”


Dunton Car Bootsale takes place every Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday from 5am in a field on Dunton Road – SatNav CM12 9TZ 10 for a car

Boreham Car Bootsale takes place every Sunday just off the A12 at Generals Farm CM3 3HJ 12 for a car

Barleylands Car Bootsale takes place every Sunday from 9am at Barleylands Farm, Barleylands Road, Billericay, Essex. CM11 2UD. 10 for a car

Leigh on Sea Car Bootsale is hardstanding at the station carpark off Belton Way and a good option if the weather is poor and the fields are wet SS9 2ET. 12 for a car

** The average family clear out raises 150 at a boot sale which is tax free providing only personal unwanted items are sold.

Media Contact: Lorne Spicer

Tel: 01277 312630