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Press Release

Marsh Lane fly tip cleared with new JCB

Date: 11 April 2017

Brentwood Borough Council tackles fly tips

Brentwood Borough Council cleared a fly tip in Marsh Lane, Navestock after the road was blocked by a load of soil, tree roots, bricks and concrete.

The rubbish was piled across the lane making it impossible for cars to navigate or pass.

Brentwood Borough Council officers took immediate steps to liaise with Essex County Council to close the road last Thursday (April 6) as the waste posed a danger to approaching drivers, particularly overnight as the area has no street lights.

On Friday, Council officers cleared the rubbish in two loads that took 90 minutes to move, aided by its 7.5t truck and the new JCB which has special features to help clear such waste.

Given the type of waste in this particularly dump, it is thought to have come from a full garden clearance,  and is similar in type and contents to previous fly tip deposits in nearby areas.

Fly tip facts:

** Fly tipping costs the country more than 50m a year

** Brentwood Borough Council officers work with the Essex Rural Partnership Industrial Fly Tipping Group, police and other councils

** Brentwood Borough Council officers regularly conduct stop and searches with the police to check commercial vehicles transporting waste have the correct licences

** cameras are located at seven different locations around the borough to help track and trace fly tippers

** enforcement action has been prioritized by the council in its budget approved last month

** Brentwood homeowners have been sent leaflets explaining the waste disposal laws and legal requirements for the removal of household waste

** Recent Brentwood Borough Council prosecutions for fly tipping have seen one man receive a 3,727 fine for fly tipping in Navestock (see separate press release)

Media Contact: Lorne Spicer

Tel: 01277 312630