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Press Release

Brentwood Borough Council deals with road block fly tip

Date: 6 March 2017

Brentwood Borough Council officers have been tackling a fly tip which consisted of more than seven tonnes of waste blocking Howard Lodge Road.

The latest incident comes as latest Government figures show the problem has reached epidemic proportions and is being run in part by criminal gangs in a racquet thought to be making gangsters millions of pounds.

Recent reports and investigations (Times Saturday Feb 25 & LGA figures released Thursday last) highlight that fly tipping is now occurring on an industrial scale across the country. The incidents range from dumps on public highways and council owned land which the county and local authority must tackle, through to large scale fly tips on private farm land destroying crops and costing the private landowner thousands of pounds to clear.

Chairman of the Environment & Housing Management Committee, Cllr Chris Hossack said: “Our officers have been dealing with yet another incident, this time at Howard Lodge Road where the culprits have dumped metal, tyres and even tree trunks – as if this was not bad enough, the rubbish has been dumped quite literally in the middle of the road. We are working through the day to clear this. The very real danger posed by this roadblock in the dark, does not bear thinking about. I just cannot get my head around how people can act this way with seemingly no conscience about the consequences. The tragedy is that we are not alone. This is not a local Brentwood problem but a cross county battle councils are having to fight.”

Around 900,000 fly tips a year are reported,  according to the charity Keep Britain Tidy. Essex Police and Brentwood Borough Council officers work closely with other agencies and neighbouring councils to log and monitor incidents. In January officers, together with the police, conducted stop and search checks throughout Brentwood. Drivers of lorries and trucks were asked to provide their waste transfer paperwork forms to show they were legitimately carrying waste to a licensed destination site. Such action combined with a crackdown on enforcement are planned for the Spring.

Cllr Chris Hossack added: “At full council on Wednesday we approved our budget which has within it funding to concentrate on enforcement. Fly tipping is a priority area where officers will be given the resources needed to pursue all possible avenues and penalties through the legal system. We have already had successful prosecutions this year and a new leaflet campaign will be sent out next month to residents explaining how they can help us crack down on this blight to our borough and the country at large. ”

Tips on Fly Tips

Residents are ultimately responsible for the disposal of their waste outside the usual Brentwood Borough Council waste services. This means that if a resident uses a waste clearance service that does not hold a legitimate waste transfer licence it is the resident that faces prosecution and a possible 5,000 fine. Here’s what to do:

** When appointing a waste or clearance contractor ask to see the “waste carrier permit” issued by the Environment

** For your records photograph the waste transfer licence form as proof that the trader is operating legitimately

** Take a note of the waste carrier number and call 03708 506 506 for a free instant waste carrier validation check

** Request a “transfer notice” or receipt from the contractor before they leave and take a note of the vehicle number

** Use caution around social media adverts for “One Man and a Van” clearance type services which can pop up and disappear overnight leaving the resident with full responsibility if something goes wrong.



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