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FOI 9912

Cost of stray dogs


How much was the budget that covers everything in dealing with stray dogs, for the year 2014, if your financial year runs from January to December or 2013/2014 if it runs April to March?

How much will the budget be for 2015? (or 2014/2015)

If you do not have these figures:-

What was the cost of dealing with stray dogs in the years 2012 and 2013 or 2012/2013 and 2013/2014? (see above re financial years)

If it is on a, for example, five year contract, how much was the cost of the last one?

Do you sanction the act of your dog warden/s (or any person contracted to deal with stray dogs) to collect unwanted dogs from the owners property (hand overs) as opposed to when they are actually in the act of straying?


– with reference to your request made under the Freedom of Information Act I can advise that we will not be able to answer the request in the way that you have asked.

Our Dog Warden deals with stray dogs as a part of the Council’s Dog Warden service; the budget for this service also covers other activities carried out within this role which are not to do with stray dogs. It would not therefore be possible to provide accurate information on the cost of dealing with stray dogs, other than a breakdown of the payments made to our kennels and income received from owners recovering their dogs. Alternatively we could provide the total cost of the Dog Warden service for the years requested.

We do not collect unwanted dogs from owners although this has been done on occasion in the past in certain circumstances. We do routinely collect dogs from members of the public who have found a stray dog, rather than physically collecting the dogs whilst they are straying.

If you could advise me further we will try to answer the queries.