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FOI 9803

URL to Business Rates credit balances data on Council portal


I would be obliged if you could provide the following please:

Please could you state whether you regularly publish data on your coun­cil's website of Business Rates accounts which have credit balances. Fur­thermore, if you do publish this data regularly, please could you provide a link (URL) to the area of your website in which this data is hosted?

To clarify, I'm not requesting a link to the most recent file, but to the page(s) of the website where I will be able to find current data and updated versions in the future.


At present this is something we as a department are unable to do as we are awaiting the installation of the necessary reporting programme to enable us to extract and present the data required. After some delay the programme was due to have been installed last week; I am told however, that there were problems. Once the programme has been successfully installed, a decision can then be taken on whether such information will be published