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FOI 9783

Major fire incident, Thoby Lane, Mountnessing


I hereby submit a request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, to obtain information relevant to the major fire incident near Thoby Lane, Mountnessing and ask that under Section 16 you refer back to me if any aspects of my request are unclear or insufficiently specific.

In particular I request:

1) All documents, minutes and emails that relate to the statement by the Essex County Fire & Rescue Service that 'the smoke is not particularly toxic, but it is still best to avoid it and we are advising residents to keep doors and windows closed'; the medical basis for this advice and the consequences of not following it.

2) All documents, minutes and emails that relate to steps taken by Brentwood Borough Council to ascertain the radius from the core of the fire within which such advice applies, and to test this information against medical and scientific advice.

3) All documents, minutes and emails that relate to the steps Brentwood Borough Council has taken to ascertain the nature of the materials subject to the fire; whether it suspects that tanalised timbers treated with arsenic pentoxide are being burned; what advice the Borough Council has taken on the dangers to health of the free burning of tanalised timber.

4) All documents, minutes and emails that relate Brentwood Borough Council's response to the decision by Essex County Fire & Rescue Service to allow the fire to burn out and to the alternative strategies for extinguishing the fire that have been considered and ruled out.

5) The number and date of inquiries from members of Brentwood Borough Council and from Cllrs McCheyne, Naylor and Parker in particular in relation to the fire and its environmental and medical consequences.


A detailed response with attachments has been sent on 3rd November 2014 at 19.54