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Brentwood Borough Council

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Email sent
how many operating companies do you have
We have 23 licensed Private Hire Operators.

how many taxis do you have in total

how many are private hire

how many are hackney

the boss name of the licensing department
Gary O’Shea

the licensing phone number
01277 312500

the licensing email

how many taxi ranks are there in the borough

the locations of the taxi ranks
St Thomas Rd
Brentwood Station
Shenfield station

where about on the taxi can i put advertising stickers
No advertising allowed on any type of taxi

how much would it cost to put an advert on the hackney carriages

how much would it cost to put an advert on the private hire
N/A – subject to Managers approval cost met by the vehicle owner/operator. Not administered in any way by the licensing authority

could I have a copy of the advertising/licensing conditions
General Licensing and pre-licensing conditions are public information and available online at