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FOI 9693

Community Grants & Engagement


I would like to receive this in Excel format with each of these bullet points as a separate column:

Community Grants:

* The name of your community grants process.
* The total amount given out in 2012/13
* The total amount given out in 2013/14
* The total amount given out/allocated in 2014/15
* A description of the process (Criteria, scoring, who decides etc.)
* A web address for the application.
* An email address for the officer responsible

Local Community Engagement Structures

* The name of your local community engagement structures (Forums, Committees etc.)
* A quick description of how they work, how the public can get involved and what they do.
* Money available for the group to spend
* Website address for this structure
* Other things fed in to the structure or used for engagement (Local police groups, twitter, facebook, e-panel etc)
* Contact email for the officer responsible.

I look forward to receiving your response within the next 20 working days,


Please find attached response to your FOI request with supporting documents.