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FOI 9538



1. The total number of employees who received remuneration equal to, or in excess of £100,000 in 2013-14.

2. For those who received remuneration In excess of £150,000:

i. The employee’s name

ii. The employee’s job title

iii. The remuneration received by the employee

iv. An itemised list of expenses claims made by the employee. If an itemised list is not available, please provide the amount the employee claimed in expenses in 2013-14

Remuneration includes, but is not limited to: salary, fees, allowances, bonuses, expenses, benefits in kind, compensation for loss of office and employers’ pension contributions.

Please make clear if the response includes staff from schools or subsidiary companies under the council’s remit and list those organisations. Please also indicate which employees work for each school or subsidiary.

It doesn't however answer any of the questions asked in the request.Pay Policy Statements do not contain information concerning the amounts paid in employers' pension contributions, benefits, in kind, expenses, compensation for loss of office.

Please kindly answer the questions as requested. Incidentally, the Pay Policy Statement you sent is also not for the year requested.


Thank you for your recent FOI request.

There was one employee of the organisation whose salary exceeded £100,000.

No employee had a salary in excess of £150,000

I trust this answers your query.