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FOI 9535

Council tax


1. What does Council Tax consist of?

2. Is non-payment of Council tax a criminal offence?

3. Can someone be placed in jail/prison/gaol for non-payment of
council tax?

4. Is non-payment of council tax dealt with as a criminal offence
or civil offence?

5. What specific (statutory) offence consist of non-payment of
council tax?

6. Can negotiation(s) take place between councils and residents to
compromise over cost(s) of council tax?


With reference to your email below requesting information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, I would advise that all the information requested is within the public domain and therefore is not covered by the Act.

General information concerning Council Tax can be found on the website (among others), and the legislation concerned is freely available online. Information specific to this authority may be found on the website.