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FOI 9507



Please could you tell me the following, for the calendar years 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 to date. If the information is not recorded in calendar years, please provide it in financial years:

-Please tell me how many investigations the council has carried out into illegal subletting of council housing since 2010.

-Please tell me how many how properties have been recovered from illegal tenants since 2010.

-Please tell me how many criminal convictions the authority has secured against tenants illegally subletting its properties since 2010.

-I would also like to know how much illegal subletting costs the authority on a yearly basis, in investigations, court costs, legal fees, eviction charges, wasted housing benefits. If a specific figure is not available, could you please provide an estimate.


With reference to your enquiry under the Freedom of Information Act, the responses are as follows:

1) There has been 7 investigations at Brentwood Borough Council for subletting. Three in 2012-13 and four in 2013-14 and none so for this financial year. There are no records held prior to 2012/13.
2) Of the 7 investigations only one property was recovered when the tenant voluntarily gave up the tenancy. All others were unfounded complaints.
3) There have been no criminal convictions to date.
4) Brentwood Borough Council has had no lengthy investigations, nor any cases involving court action.