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Brentwood Borough Council

FOI 9431

Dog Breeding Establishments


Could you please furnish me with the following information on all licensed dog breeding establishments within your jurisdiction that are licensed:

1. What breeds, and the numbers, of each breed of breeding bitch that are kept at the establishment.

2. How many litters are intended to be bred over the coming 12 months

3. How many puppies are expected of each breed.

4. Name and address of Veterinary practise used

5. Staffing levels

6. How many stud dogs at the premises and of what breed(s)

7. How many other dogs, and what breed(s)

8. How many puppies were kept at the establishment for the purpose of future breeding stock and of which breeds

If you could please let me have this information for each establishment for the current license term.


With regards to the enquiry that you have requested, information concerning breeding establishments, We are unable to provide you with the information as the breeding establishment would provide this to the breeding kennels and not to the Local Authority and therefore this information is not collected by us.

We grant a license on the basis that our vet inspects the premises for suitability of the conditions and environment to carry out a dog breeding business .