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FOI 9266

Council Car Park Occupancy Rate.


Brentwood Borough Council manage a number of car parks across the Borough.

Can you please indicate and share what information is collected regarding the occupancy rate on each of the car parks? In particular, do we know the occupancy at various times of the day and
week (eg able to compare the occupancy level at 3pm on Saturday morning to 1am on Tuesday morning?).

If so can you please share such data as is available, ideally going back at least five years?


The analysis you requested and the data is not available.
In the Multi Storey Car Park in Coptfold Road I am able to supply you with hourly occupancy levels as the car park is controlled by barriers. All the other car parks are either free or pay & display and as such we do not record vehicles entering or leaving.
Chatham Way car park recently converted from a barrier controlled to Pay & Display but due to the amount of abuse of the system that took place in that car park we do not have meaningful occupancy figures.
If you want figures in respect of the Multi Storey car park please let me know but I will need you to be more specific about the information you require. Please consider that occupancy levels vary throughout the year and from day to day. Attached is a typical report showing occupancy levels in the Multi Storey car Park which may help you. These figures are only ever approximations. The counters are regularly reset following a manual count of vehicles in the car park but as you will no doubt appreciate during such an exercise vehicles are still entering and leaving the car park.