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FOI 9206

Fact Findiing Trips


I am requesting information under the Freedom of Information Act in relation to 'fact finding' trips overseas made by council officers and/or councillors for the period over the past 12 months (July 2013 until the present day) and paid for in part or wholly from the council’s funds.

Please advise:

1) How many such trips were made

2) Where to each trip was made

3) When each trip was made (period from and to)

4) The purpose of each trip

5) The numbers of council officers and/or councillors taking part in each trip

6) How much each trip cost the council - including breakdown i.e. how much was spent on what e.g. hotel, dinner

7) The tangible outcome of each trip


There have been no oversees trips by Members or Officers in the past 12 months of this nature.