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Cesspits/Cesspools & Septic Tanks


I have recently contacted all the County Councils within the East Anglia region requesting the information below. I was notified that I should contact each individual Borough, City and District Councils in the separate Counties.

I write to you in connection with the water and more importantly the waste management systems in place within your county jurisdiction. I would like to ascertain the precise location of each and every cesspit/cesspool and/or septic tanks in your area.

I would be very grateful for any blueprints, planning submissions (past and present) planning permissions (past and present), any future developments in consideration with all the relevant location maps, engineering drawings and documents associated.


I can advise that the Council (Street Scene) does not keep records/plans of cesspools within the Borough as the cesspits are privately owned by residents.

For details of any future developments including cesspools you would not to refer to the Planning Website which lists all new developments if they require planning permission.