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FOI 9116

Housing Stock Transfers


I am interested in local authority transfers of housing stock transfers into community ownership that have occurred within the last 6 years.

The documents should be held by your Housing Service and could include transfers of full or partial stock to ALMOs, housing associations, registered housing providers, charities etc.

Recognising how straight forward these documents should be to identify and extract, as they would have been significant projects therefore requiring good record keeping, please supply me with via email copies of:-

· * options appraisals,

· * feasibility studies,

· * project plans,

· * business cases/plans,

· * tenant offer prospectus, and

· * your formal application for Secretary of State (or the Homes & Communities Agency) approval.


With reference to your enquiry regarding the transfer of housing stock to community ownership, I can confirm that Brentwood Borough Council has not transferred any of its stock in the last six years.