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Brentwood Borough Council

FOI 9114

Property Insurance


The information I require relates to your property insurance currently held with Zurich Municipal. Property cover is provided under the Material Damage - Part A of the Select property module. With respect to this cover can you answer the following:

1. Can you confirm that you have historically only disclosed property values under this section as per the instructions on Zurich Municipals pre-renewal document. Yes/No

2. Can you confirm when you started to send property excel spreadsheet details to Zurich Municipal relative to the properties declared under the Material Damage - Part A. These excel spreadsheets would have been declared as part of the renewal process. I remember this as being approximately 8yrs ago (from current date ie circa 2006/07) but this may have been earlier for certain Councils depending on when it was asked for. The totals on the excel spreadsheet should obviously match those declared on the pre-renewal document. Please indicate the approximate year the excel spreadsheets were initially forwarded to ZM.


1. Yes
2. Approximately 2007/2008