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FOI 9073

Housing Stock/Right To Buy


To enable the researcher to analyse the changes in stock and flow of housing and the effects of Right to Buy could the following questions be answered per year from 1980 to 2013: 

Essential information:

Does the council have their own social housing stock? If not, who are the main social landlords in your district?

What was the stock of your social housing?

How many tenants have exercised their RTB?

What has been the annual revenue generated by RTB?

How many new social homes have been added to the social housing stock

1. Through building

2. Through acquisition of existing properties

What was the annual level of investment into new social housing? 

What was the population of your district?

How many people applied for a council house?

How many people have successfully been allocated a council house?

How many tenants had the bedroom tax applied to them? (since it was instigated)

This would be helpful if you have it.

What was the average wage per family within your boundaries?

What was the average house price in your boundaries?


You have requested various details of the right to buys, stock enquiries, population, housing applications, bedroom tax and average wages and house prices between 1980 and 2013. This data is not held in a collective form, and your request would require us to look into each individual system and archives for each relevant department. Such data is not stored centrally but is filed under each department manually in the earlier years and various computer systems in the latter. We estimate that to identify the specific information that you are requesting over a 10 year period would take longer than 18 hours, and therefore your request for information has been refused on the grounds that the cost of compliance would exceed the limit as set out in Section 12 of the Freedom of Information Act.