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FOI 8923

Football Pitches


For each financial year from 2010/11 to 2014/15 (if possible),

a) the number of outdoor football pitches available to rent from the council (grass pitches only, not 3G or other artificial turfs)
b) the cost of hiring those pitches to the consumer (I would prefer this as a flat-rate fee for hire for one match, specifying whether dressing room hire is included in the price).


I have entered the current available data requested in a table below however please be aware that the Council recently suffered a significant incident within its IT systems which resulted in the central electronic document library being severely corrupted. Officers are in the process of rebuilding this system but each document is having to be retrieved and rebuilt individually, as you can imagine this is something that is going to take some time. I am therefore unable to gain access to the information relating to charges made pre this current financial year at this time.

Number of Pitches Cost for individual pitch hire
2010/11 24
2011/12 24
2012/13 24
2013/14 24
2014/15 24 Senior Charge
£91.22 (+VAT) with changing
£56.38 (+VAT) without changing

Junior Charge
£56.38 (+VAT) with changing
£33.83 (+ VAT) without changing