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Parking Charges In Brentwood


I am a resident in Brentwood and I am intrigued to know how the parking charges levied in the main car park (William Hunter Way) compare to those in nearby Billericay, Chipping Ongar, Epping, Hornchurch, Upminster, Harold Hill and Grays?

From my experience the charge in Brentwood seems to be at least 10 times higher than those levied in Havering and 5 times those in Grays (Thurrock) - why is this?

Thurrock has the lowest council tax in Essex and lower charges for parking than Brentwood; oddly!

Just wondered how our parking is set in accord with a large town not a medium one like Hornchurch; also Shenfield & Ingatestone both in Brentwood district both offer free parking for up 2 hours but the main town does not; why the inconsistency?


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In response to your request on parking charge comparisons I am unable to provide you with neighbouring towns data as they change regularly and it is not an exercise that is undertaken on a yearly basis by Brentwood Council. Each local authority will have details of their car park charges on their website, therefore this information is readily available to all. I can report that the last time this exercise was completed by Brentwood council it was felt that our charges were comparable.

Parking charges are agreed at committee by elected members and any change to the tariff structure is advertised in accordance with the legislation that applies when making amendments to the off street parking places order that applies in the Borough's car parks. This process is open to challenge during the advertising period before it becomes a made order and is signed by the mayor of the Borough. Notices of change are placed in all locations that will be affected and a notice is also placed in the local press. This process was followed when the following car park tariffs were agreed. Currently Brentwood Borough council's car parks have a free 30 minute tariff, a 1hr tariff at £1 and 2hrs at £1.30, 3hrs is £2.90, 4hrs £3.60, 5hrs £4.60, 6hrs £5.30 and all day is £10.50.

Free parking of up to 2 hours in Shenfield is on street and is managed by the south Essex parking partnership under the lead authority of Chelmsford City council on behalf of Essex county Council who are the highways authority and as such is not determined by Brentwood Borough Council.
All car parks across the Borough now benefit from 30 minutes free parking.
Ingatestone varies in that its car parks are limited stay and are enforced in line with short stay parking with a no return time to ensure turnover of spaces for the local businesses. Also Ingatestone do not benefit from free on street parking places as Brentwood and Shenfield do. It was felt therefore that the two small car parks there should remain limited stay car parks.