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FOI 8844

Financial Information For Parking Services


I understand that under the Act any person requesting information has a right to know (1) whether the Council holds that information, and (2) that that information must be supplied (subject to any exemptions)

The following information is requested in relation to off-street car parking provision provided by the District/Borough Council across all council controlled car parks for the financial year 2012/2013.

Total income from off-street car parking broken down by car park

Car parking charges for each car park for financial year 2012/2013

Total number of parking spaces

Total Operating Costs (premises; NNDR, energy etc)

Supplies & Services (running costs)

Third Party Payments

Total Contribution to Essex Parking Partnership off-street account (if made) to include


Cash collection / banking etc


Management and back office functions

Other payments

Non-Direct Costs (various overheads and central costs which are required to be charged to services.)

Capital financing costs which are required to be shown within local authority accounts (such as depreciation).

Capital Financing Costs (expenditure relating to car parking provision.)


The response was sent as attachment.

The information supplied is completed to the best of my knowledge with financial information being supplied from the finance section of the council. There is a note contained within the workbook which explains the reason that the surface car parks are shown as a whole in relation to incomes and expenditures. Our old financial management system only allowed for surface and multi storey coding to take place, the new system allows for more precise breakdown but will only be available from this new financial year on.
All other responses in relation to charging periods and tariffs, amount of parking spaces, disabled bays and operating systems etc are all contained in the workbook broken down car park by car park.