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Please detail whether or not you have investments in the following companies, and the amount invested in each. Please include investments made directly by the Council and any associated pension fund. Please also include investments in these companies made on behalf of the council by any asset manager you might employ.

Please give details of investments in the following companies:
Celtique Energie, Alkane, Rathlin Energy, Cuadril la Resources, Europa Oil, Egdon Resources, Igas Plc, Magellan Petroleum, Sonorex, Total, Third Energy, Northpet, Reachcsg, 
Coastal Oil Gas, Moorland Energy, Warwick Energy.


The Council does not hold any investments in the companies you have listed. The Pension Fund is administered by Essex County Council, and therefore any information on the investment profile would need to be obtained from them direct.

Freedom of Information requests for Essex County Council can be sent to:

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Po Box 11
County Hall
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