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FOI 8797



Under the freedom of information act please state the number of employees either leaving through compulsory or voluntary redundancy that were paid outstanding leave entitlement. Please state the number of redundancies that had the number of years of service rounded up to the nearest year when calculating the redundancy payment. I do not require any personal details but both request should cover the period from 19/3/2004 to 19/3/2014 inclusive.


You have requested details of redundancy payments between 2004 and 2014. This data is not held in a collective form, and your request would require us to look into each individual redundancy calculation. Such data is not stored centrally but is filed under each employee manually. We estimate that to identify the specific information that you are requesting over a 10 year period would take longer than 18 hours, and therefore your request for information has been refused on the grounds that the cost of compliance would exceed the limit as set out in Section 12 of the Freedom of Information Act.