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FOI 8758

Taxi Licenses


I would like data on the number of taxis and PHVs working in your local authority and which firms they work for. I need this for two years. For now and at the end of 2012. I need this data in an excel file in the form:

2014 (now):
Hackney Carriages = 225 taxis (if you have the information for which firm they work for, please include it)
PHVs =
Firm A has 7
Firm B has 3
Firm C has 8
Self Employed 30

Hackney Carriages = 247 taxis (if you have the information for which firm they work for, please include it)
PHVs =
Firm A has 6
Firm B has 9
Firm C has 12
Self Employed 22


I refer to you request made recently under provision of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOI) for details of the numbers of Hackney carriages and Private Hire vehicles licensed with this authority and details of the firms that they work for both for the current year and 2012.

In the first instance I would advise that this information is not held to the extent that you require and neither is it held in excel file format. I have therefore provided the information that I do have below:

Currently there are a total of 255 hackney Carriages and 30 Private Hire vehicles licensed with this authority. There is no requirement for proprietors to advise us as to which firm, if any, they work for and therefore such information is not generally collected. I am therefore unable to give any information pertaining to the second part of your request.

When a vehicle licence is renewed the date of grant and renewal of the licence are updated on the computer system. We have no need for knowing how many vehicles have been historically licensed and therefore I am unable to provide any figures for 2012 suffice as to say that numbers have remained relatively constant.

I am sorry that I cannot provide everything that you have requested for reasons given.