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FOI 8585

Licensing Restrictions


I am requesting the licensing restriction for all venues that are located within your councils district, in particular the restrictions on the use of glassware.

I was directed to the 'Public Register of Premises Licences and Club Premises Certificates' documents, however it didn't contain the information I was after. I specifically need a list of venues in which licensing restrictions prevent the use of glassware in their premises, be it all the time or for specific dates or events.


I refer to your request for information pertaining to licence conditions that relate to restrictions that prevent the use of glassware in a licensed premises.

As already noted in your request, the licensing authority are required to keep a register of licensed premises and this must contain certain information such as permitted activities, hours of operation etc. It is not prescribed to the extent of listing all conditions pertaining to each licence and as such the record does not contain such information.

As the computer system cannot be searched for specific conditions this unfortunately means that accessing the information at present would involve a manual trawl of all of the premises files cross referencing with computerised records to identify the most up to date licence in each case. Whilst possible, this task will fall outside of the Councils’ threshold of providing the information free of charge and would therefore be chargeable at a cost of £25 per hour. With over 400 premises I estimate that this will take a substantial number of man hours.

On the basis that blanket conditions cannot be imposed on licences I can confirm that the number of such conditions will be minimal (if any) and there are none that spring immediately to mind as concern over such drinking vessels has not to my knowledge been raised in Brentwood. Equally there are no known incidents relating to mishaps (or worse) with glassware.

Should you wish to proceed with the enquiry I shall be happy to assess the full cost by providing a detailed quotation and timescale for responding to your request and ask therefore that you kindly advise if this is something that you wish me to do.