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FOI 8547

Window Cleaning Contract


Please provide information on your corporate group buildings window cleaning contract, or contracts.

What is the (Annual) cost of window cleaning (exc VAT) for your contract, or contracts?

When were the corporate window cleaning contracts awarded and to whom?

When are the next review date(s)?

Where and what date/month/year will you be advertising your future contracts for window cleaning?

What will be the type of buildings and how many of them (approx) are in the window cleaning contract(s)?

If your main window cleaning contract is within your accommodation and building services contract, please state and then confirm if you would allow an SME supplier to tender separately for your
window cleaning lot?

Is there a telephone contact number and email of the procurement office/officer that would deal with this in the future?


I can confirm that we do not have a contract for the cleaning of the windows at the Town Hall or other buildings.

Our windows are cleaned as and when required by an Independent Company, Lewis & Graves, at a cost of £600, and this is carried out about twice yearly, when required.

The name of the procurement officer is Jane Mitchell. She can be contacted on