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FOI 8521

ICT - Agile Methodology


I recently contacted your Local Author ity to understand what Project Management methodology you used within IT. I understand that you may be currently using or looking to trial the u se of Agile methodology. On the back of that I would like to know the fol lowing:

Q1) How long have you been using Agile Methodology

A - < Less than 1 year

A - 1 to 2 years

A - 3 to 4 years

A - 5 years +

Notes: Please select only one that applies.

Q2) Which Agile Methodologies are used:

A - Scrum

A - Kanban

A - Scrumban

A - Lean

A - Scrum / XP Hybrid

A - XP

Notes: Please select any that applies.

Q3) Which Agile Techniques are used:

A - Daily Standup

A - Iteration Planning

A - Unit Testing

A - Retrospectives

A - Release Planning

A - Burndown

A - Planning Poker

A - Velocity


Survey was completed via surveymonkey as requested.