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FOI 8490

Direct Payments


1.How many people are currently receiving Direct Payments / Personal Budgets across the authority?

2. Is there a central function that looks after these people or are they split into teams / locations?

3. If there is a central function who is the main contact for this function?

4.If split into teams or locations who are they people who head up these teams?

5. Does the Authority hold a contract for the provision of payroll services to people receiving direct payments / personal budgets?

6. If so who is this contract with?

7. If not does the authority provide its own payroll service to people receiving direct payments?

8. For people receiving direct payments who choose not to manage the payment themselves what provision does the authority make?


Further to your FOI regarding people who are currently receiving direct payments/personal budgets across the authority. I write to advise you that this is not a function that Brentwood Borough Council carries out. The scheme is administered by Essex County Council, County Hall, Chelmsford – to where all enquiries should be addressed.