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Telecare and Telehealth Services


Could you please answer the questions below which relate to the provision of telecare and

telehealth services by Brentwood Borough Council

1. Who, within the authority, is responsible for commissioning telecare and telehealth services ?

2. Who are your current telecare service monitoring providers?

3. When does the current contract with these suppliers conclude?

4. Who supplies community alarm maintenance services and when does that contract expire/?

5. How many users currently use the service and how much does it cost per user per month?

6. What is the authorities annual budget telecare in 2014/15 and, if known, 2015/16?

7.What telehealth initiatives or programmes does the Council currently implement, or have
planned, with local health partners or community services?


Unfortunately the information you seek is not something Brentwood Borough can supply as the commissioning of any Telecare and Telehealth services in this area, would come via Essex County Council /Health services.