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Parking Charges


1 a) How much money the council received in 'over-vend' from parking meters in the 2010/11, 2011/12 and 2012/13 financial years.

b) Please break these figures down by year, so that it is possible to see how much income was received in each financial year.

I define 'over-vend' as additional revenue on top of the stated charge received from parking meters that do not give change. For instance, if a charge for parking a car in a car park was £2.80, but the customer paid £3.00 because they did not have exact change and the meter did not give change, then the over-vend would be 20p.


Brentwood Borough council hold information only in relation to its car parks as all on street pay and display is managed by the South Essex parking partnership at Chelmsford City Council.

Response sent as an attachment - a spreadsheet that shows each financial year requested giving income by tariff (sales through machine) against the income collected from the pay and display machine which then gives the overvend figures.
These figures are unaudited and are taken from machine report statistics on a computerised system.