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Brentwood Borough Council

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Bye- Laws


It is a basc legal concept that "ignorance of the law is no excuse".

The Council passes regulations, by-laws or whatever you like to call them (the Bye-Laws) which affect all people residing in or entering the borough and which affect me as an individual who carries out carious functions.

Please give me a list of each and every Bye-Law in force as at today's date or to come into force at a future time, fixed or to be fixed which does or could affect me together with the cost and location of obtaining a copy of such Bye-Law already updated with any subsequent amendment or addition or deletion. 


The Council had a review of Byelaws in 2003, and I attach the working papers. You will appreciate that this is a summary- if you are interested in any particular byelaw or area of enforcement please let me know.

The County Council and Parish Councils have their own byelaws. The County Council are responsible for making Traffic Regulation and parking orders.

You may inspect the Brentwood Byelaws at the Town Hall, and no charge will be made for inspection . A small photocopying charge will be made per sheet if you wish to have copies