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FOI 8334

Housing - Mutual Swap Agreement


1. Is the Council signed up to the Government's HomeSwap Direct mutual exchange swap scheme?

2. Is the Council signed up to any other mutual exchange swap schemes? (e.g. a council-run or an independent swap scheme)

3. What are the names of these schemes?

4. In 2012/13, how many tenancies do you contribute housing benefit towards in social housing and the private rented sector? (please separate if possible)

5. In 2012/13, how many of your tenancies in social housing or in the private rented sector have (please separate if possible):

a) Signed up to a mutual exchange swap scheme?

b) Completed a successful swap?

6. Have you taken any steps to encourage your tenancies to make use of mutual exchange swap schemes? If yes, could you describe these steps?


1) The Council has signed up to the Homeswapper scheme
2) The Council has not signed up to any other scheme other than Homeswapper
3) Not applicable
4) Housing benefit is paid to 1653 Social Housing tenants and 1603 to private rented sector tenants
5) In 2012/13 278 tenants signed up to the mutual exchange swap scheme. It is not known how many were successfully completed as no records are available for this information.
6) The Council refer tenants via our Allocations scheme, on the website, via posters, leaflets and Tenant Talkback meetings.