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FOI 8280

Food Sampling


Request for information on the following descriptions, with regards to food sampling by the local authority Trading Standards department:

This FSA table details the number of official food samples taken in 2012/13 for each local authority:

1) For your authority, please provide the number of samples from the years 2012/13 and 2013/14 (to date) that were classified as unsatisfactory for these analysis types:

- Composition (column F)
- Labelling & Presentation (column G)
- Others (column H)

2) For each of these unsatisfactory samples, please provide the record detailing the unsatisfactory result and any follow up action taken by Trading Standards. Please send these records as attachments. If necessary, these can be delivered in compressed files and/or multiple emails.

3) Please provide details of the maximum fine levied by your authority's Trading Standards in the last two years as a result of a food product being “unsatisfactory”?

If providing the above information for the last two years would take too long, please provide the information for the current year 2013/14 (to date) only.

I believe that the information requested is required in the public interest for the following reasons:

1. The public is entitled to information about potential issues with the products that they consume;

2. The public is entitled to information about work carried out by their local Trading Standards authority.


This Borough Council is not a unitary authority or a trading standards department hence we have no data to fill the contents of the cells you refer to in 1. Neither do we have any response to your questions 2, and 3. Thank you.