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FOI 8264

LGA Report on Brentwood Borough Council Administration


I believe that the LGA carried out an assessment of the Administration of Brentwood Borough Council recently?

I have heard that the Conservative Administration are 'SITTING' on the report and refuse to release it - even to the Opposition Councillors?

If so, this is undemocratic, and certainly NOT TRANSPARENT.

Under Freedom of Information legislation, I am hereby requesting a copy of this report, on an priority basis.


Response was sent as an attachment - Brentwood Borough Council's Peer Challenge letter from the Local Government Association (LGA). The challenge team were made up of expert local government officers and councillors who carried out the review late last year.

The five-strong team were invited in by the Council and spent four days here talking to councillors of all parties, public and private partners and staff. Their findings are now published in a letter from the LGA to the Council.

A Peer Challenge is not compulsory and provides an informed and independent assessment of a council's direction of travel and makes recommendations for its future improvement and learning.