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Health And Well Being


Q.1 Since 1 April 2013, has the health and wellbeing board had any discussions with a local pharmaceutical committee regarding the provision of public health services by community pharmacies in your area?

(Services may include, but are not limited to: smoking cessation, alcohol and drug misuse, weight management, NHS health checks, sexual health, behavioural and lifestyle campaigns)

 Q2. Where such a discussion has been held, please could you give me the following details:
a) The date of the meeting
b) A full list of the services discussed
c) A full list of attendees

d) A copy of the minutes of the meetings

Q.3 If you have commissioned community pharmacists to deliver a service in your area, please could you give the following details:
a) The nature of this service
b) How many pharmacies were commissioned to deliver it
c) How long the service is expected to last.


Q1 As far as I am aware the Health and Wellbeing board have not had any discussions with local pharmaceutical committees regarding the provision of public health services
Q2 n/a
Q3 n/a