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FOI 8189

Local Council Tax Support


I am looking for information regarding the council’s intended Local Council Tax Support (CTS) scheme (replacement scheme for Council Tax Benefit) for 2014/15.

 1) Whether the council is considering making any changes (other than inflationary or non-financial changes) to its 2013/14 CTS scheme for 2014/15

If the answer to question 1 is ‘no’, the council may ignore the remaining questions. Otherwise, please continue.

2) What is the proposed maximum percentage of a claimant’s council tax bill that will be covered by CTS under the proposed 2014/15 scheme? Please detail whether the maximum percentage is tied to a council tax band (e.g. 80% of a Band D council tax bill)

3) What other changes (other than inflationary or non-financial changes) is the council proposing to make to its 2013/14 CTS scheme for 2014/15?

4) Please supply any consultation material the council has published regarding any proposed changes.

5) Has the council made a final decision on its plans? If not, when is a final decision/vote due?

Where the council is considering a variety of options with no recommended or preferred option, please state this to be the case and list all those options under consideration.


Response was sent as an attachement.  The attached policies governing the Council Tax Support Schemes for 2014/2015. These are marked as ‘draft’ but have been passed by the Council and are therefore available for your information.