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FOI 8167

Housing Revenue


If possible, I would like to see figures showing:

1. The total costs charged by the General Fund to the Housing Revenue Account in:

a)        2011-12

b)       2012-13

c)        2013-14

2. In relation to any loan debt you took on from the Public Works Loans Board as a consequence of the introduction of self-financing the housing revenue account in April 2012:

a)   How much was borrowed?

b)   At what rate was this borrowed?

c)   Over what period was this borrowed?

2.  How many loans pools do you operate as a local authority?

4. What was the consolidated interest rate charged to the HRA:

a)   Before the self-financing adjustment?

b)   In 2012-13?

c)   What is it estimated to be in 2013-14?

5. What was your borrowing or estimated level of borrowing headroom above the settlement debt for:

a)    2012-13

b)    2013-14

c)    2014-15

6. How much of this current available headroom are you currently or have current plans to use?

7. How much surplus funding from the HRA was transferred from your authority from the Housing Revenue Account to the General Fund in 2013-14?


Response sent as an attachment.