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FOI 8165

Winter Maintenance


1. Is your Winter Maintenance service provided by a 'Private Contractor' or is it an 'In-house' operation?

Private Contractor

2. If the service is provided by a 'Private Contractor', please can you provide the following information?

Private Contractor's Name:
Contract Start date: DD/MM/YYYY
Contract End date: DD/MM/YYYY
Is there any contract extension(s) that may arise?

3. If the service is provided 'In-house', please can you tell me who is responsible for the management of the service? And what are their names and positions?

Head of Service:

4. What was the total budget of the winter maintenance service for the last three financial years?

2011/12 annual budget was:
2012/13 annual budget was:
2013/14 annual budget was:

5. How many 'primary gritting routes' does the council have?

Number of primary gritting routes:

6. How many gritting vehicles does the council use when treating the 'primary gritting routes'?

Number of vehicles used to treat these primary routes is:

7. How many miles do these 'primary gritting routes' cover?

Number of miles covered is:

8. What company/ resource(s) provides the council with weather forecast information to help make winter maintenance decisions?

Met Office: Yes/ No
Metro Group: Yes/ No
Others (Please specify)


Following your Freedom of Information request I can advise that is the Highway Authority at Essex County Council not the local Borough Council who has the responsibility for the winter maintenance of roads in Brentwood; therefore you will need to forward on your request direct to them to respond. The generic email for requests is