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FOI 8041

Tree Works - Timber


1. When trees are pruned or felled by or as part of work done or ordered by the council, do council employees do this or are external contractors used?

2. If you have council workers undertaking this work, what process, policy or procedure do you have in place to dispose of timber?

3. If you do have a process, policy or procedure in place to dispose of timber, how is this audited to prevent timber from being disposed of outside of the process, policy or procedure?

4. If you do not have a process, policy or procedure in place for the disposal of timber, how do you ensure it is not stolen / misappropriated?

5. Does, or is the council planning to sell timber that it does not put to other practical use?

6. Do council staff have the right to take timber for their own purpose, be that for private use or for them to sell?

7. How many trees were taken down in the last three full financial years and what is the approximate weight (un-dried) of trees and pruning from trees that are taken down?


1. All tree works within the Borough are undertaken by appointed contractors who as part of the works are responsible for the disposal of all materials generated.
2. Not applicable.
3. Not applicable.
4. Not applicable.
5. The Council does not currently nor is it planning on selling any by-product produced from its tree works.
6. Council staff do not have the right to remove any timber that may remain from works.
7. This information is not currently recorded or held by the Council.