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FOI 8011

PCSO Expenditure


1. How much has your local authority spent, in each of the last 7 calendar years, on Police Community Support Officers in your area.

2. Since 2010, has your local authority reduced funding for Police Community Support Officers.


I can confirm that in the last 7 calendar years Brentwood Borough Council provided a total funding of £162,268 to Essex Police for PCSOs, a break down is provided below.

2012-13* 2011-12 2010-11 2009-10 2008-09 2007-08
16,119 31,582 30,516 29,468 27,583 27,000

* last year of funding which was only 2 qtrs.

The Service Level Agreement in place expired in 2013 and by mutual agreement with Essex Police a decision was made to not continue with the arrangement. The budget allocation of £30k to fund PCSO’s was not absorbed by the Council as a saving but has continued to be spent on protecting the community against crime and disorder through commissioning various projects as outlined in the Council’s Community Safety Commissioning Plan.