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FOI 7949

Photocopiers and Printers


Please could you provide the following information in relation to Photocopiers, Multi-Functional Devices and Desktop Printers :

1. Current contract details, including contract end date
2. Companies awarded
3. Length of contract(s)
4. Annual Spend
5. Details on how these were procured - Framework (if so which one)
/ OJEu / local quote if under EU threshold.


1. The current photocopier/printer contract is a 5 year contract for 9 MFD devices and 2 production machines (mix of colour and mono machines) which is due to finish in November 2016
2. The current contract is with Xerox
3. It is a 5 year lease agreement
4. The current spend is approximately £30,000, this would include lease charges and ‘click’ charges
5. This contract was procured under framework agreement RM450/H