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FOI 7856

Shares in Core Assets Foster Care Industry


Please provide the names of all public servants/ civil servants who you employ who hold shares in Core Assets foster care industry and any other foster care agencies nationwide?

Please provide details of dates since 1996, when all shareholders purchased these shares, and if there is a conflict of interest? Should any public servant hold shares in a private company who make profit from children who may well have been stolen by the state under false allegations and perjury from loving homes to meet quotas?

How many of your serving social workers are also fostering children? how many police officers are fostering children? how many other Council employees are foster parents?

Please also provide statistics on public servants/civil servants and their immediate families, who have been involved in family courts with regard to their own children being placed on the At Risk Register since 1996, and how many had their children perminantly removed or forcibly adopted?

What training are public servants and civil servants given in relation to enforcement of the children's act for child protective purposes? And are they fully conversant with the legislations they enforce? Or do they rely on the Legal Services to tell them how to apply the act and what they can and cannot do?

Please provide details of all CEO's with corporate responsibility liability and culpability when serious misscarrriages of Justice occur, ie when Social Workers and police perjure themselves under oath in the courts by providing hearsay evidence and rely on assumption and presumption, in place of prima face evidence?

Please provide the names of all those who work in leason with the Local Authrotiy franchise, based in London, corporate development schemes and to whom they are answerable when profit comes before safeguarding children?


I can advise you that the information you require is held by Essex County Council and not Brentwood Borough Council.

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